Profiles for floors and walls

Sanitary and Technical Profiles

Profiles for balconies, terraces, exteriors

Do It Yourself – GDO

A complete range of sections available in Aluminum, Steel, Iron, PVC, in satin, chromed, painted finishes make the use of our profiles efficient.

Tile trim profiles

The taste and the pleasure of connecting and protecting your most beautiful coverings. Infinite solutions available with Special Profiles


Modern proposals, characterized by the quality of the materials and the excellence of Italian design. A complete range of corner profiles, connection profiles, strips.

Skirting boards

With the unmistakable Italian Style, they are the result of a state of the art design and production. Effective, with a minimal design, they are easy to install and clean.

Balconies and terraces

Multiple solutions, materials and geometries make the use of our technical profiles effective. Possible applications for balconies, terraces or technical profiles.

Draining and Shower Systems

A complete range of manhole covers and drainage grates, available in robust ABS or Steel. All our systems are complete with various accessories and sheaths for installation.

Accessories for laying

Cross and T spacers of all sizes and a complete system of tie rods and wedges: this is the complete offer of Special Profiles for laying floors and walls.

Display Systems

The Special Profiles display system is beautiful, functional and produces maximum yield. In small, large and all modular formats.


Specific raw materials, finishes, surface treatments. Download product data sheets, certifications, mechanical regulations, etc ..



The offer of Special Profiles meets any need: from refined and elegant design to reliable and long-lasting technology.


Whether it is to create balconies or terraces, a wellness area, commercial spaces, hospital environments, a living area, the use of our profiles guarantees the best final result in terms of aesthetics and effectiveness.


Expansion joints for large surfaces, external protective steel corners and antibacterial internal profiles, are just some of the solutions proposed.


Living Area, Bathroom, Kitchen, Stairs are finished in a splendid and effective way thanks to our Classic or Modern lines. Strips to embellish, Skirtings and stair nosing to protect and highlight architectural styles, corner profiles to preserve and enrich with elegance.


Recovering your own environments, obtaining well-kept and pleasant spaces is possible with our external and internal corner profiles, skirting boards, decorative strips in the most different variants of materials, colors, finishes.


The attention to design and the excellence of the materials make our profiles the best solution for the construction or refurbishment of hotels, public buildings, shopping centers.

Do It Yourself

A complete and effective range of profiles for DIY, in Aluminum, Steel, Iron, PVC. Ergonomic proposals for large-scale distribution make our products excellent.


Complete solution

Completeness of the range, exclusive lines with a refined design for the residential sector, technologically superior for the construction sector, a vast selection and ergonomic proposals for DIY, high quality certified raw materials (ISO 9001), proprietary surface treatments, attention and care for the environment and all production processes (ISO 14001).


Certified quality (ISO 9001), proprietary surface treatments, attention and care for the environment and all production processes (ISO 14001)

Our Mission

Surprise and retain our customers, with the utmost attention and care for our products and our service.

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The best advertising always comes from customers, be they private or industrial sectors. Special Profiles bases its mission on the maximum customer satisfaction.


The complete range of Special Profiles allows you to create and solve any problem, both in terms of new construction and refurbishment. The aesthetics and the high quality of the products make the final result optimal.

Site manager
The solutions offered by Special Profiles for the construction and maintenance of any type of building, make all installations effective and efficient. The high quality of the materials guarantee the result over time.

Large-scale retail hardware manager
The complete range of profiles, in the various types of shapes, materials, lengths and finishes, allow to satisfy the 1000 needs of the most demanding bricoleur. All completed by a clear and compact display system.

Head of accessories for Building Resale
We have found in Special Profiles the ideal partner for the supply of both technical and aesthetic / functional profiles. Availability from ready, effective display system, possibility of customization make the company particularly useful and strategic.

Retail Hardware Owner
Thanks to the flexibility of Special Profiles, we can manage small quantities, very fast deliveries, production of particular batches on request. The display system solves the arrangement and preparation both for large quantities (large exhibitors) and for small ones, with a minimum footprint of 1/2 meter.

Ceramics Show Room Manager
The attention to detail, the exclusivity of the finishes, the quality of the products are the main characteristics of all our products. Special Profiles manages to perfectly decline technology with the most refined design.