Practical, but also elegant, long-lasting. The Special Profiles skirting boards, with different shapes, materials and finishes, blend perfectly with any type of architecture.

Protect and enrich your environments

In aluminum, light and flexible, with different surface finishes or in steel to withstand the most severe conditions.

Highlight and renew any environment

In case of renovation or for new constructions, Special Profiles skirting boards allow easy installation and make a unique touch of elegance

Ease, practicality, durability

For an entrance, a corridor or any room of a private house or a public place, the Special Profiles skirting boards guarantee the best result over time, giving a touch of typical Italian design


Exclusive shapes and finishes, with an unsurpassed quality of raw materials, the Special Profiles skirting boards are the perfect combination for all your furnishings and types of architecture.


Precious, but easy to lay and with constant performance over time, the Special Profiles skirting boards withstand the most aggressive environments and the hardest stresses. Our guarantee to maintain aesthetics and functionality over time.

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