Display systems for hardware, large-scale distribution, building resale, ceramics show room.

Modular display system

The Special Profiles display systems consist of modules of 0.5 meters or 1 meter wide. Thanks to particularly effective shelves, they allow you to keep all the goods in an orderly manner, with superior visibility.

Aesthetics and functionality

Special Profiles display systems guarantee high effectiveness. Their modern design fits perfectly into all outlets.

Unique teaching materials

Their design is particularly accurate, they are light but sturdy, very easy to assemble. A complete set of didactic, price bars, comprehensive and clear icons of all products make the system excellent for self service.


Lightweight, effective, complete with all the essential information, the Special Profiles exhibitors increase profitability and decrease the occupied space.

Building Resale - Show room

To keep the various profiles tidy and in view or for direct use in the showroom, the Special Profiles Displays maximize visibility by reducing space.

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